Health Now

Redefining HEALTH in the 21st Century

Prevention Paradigm (old way) Health Now (new way)
Preventing Chronic Disease Optimal Health
Long-term Health, Longevity Health NOW
Lowering Risk Factors Causing Health, not Preventing Disease
Obesity Epidemic Unhealthiness Epidemic
Reducing Population Risk Improving Individual Health
Focus on Diet and Weight Loss Health At Every Size (HAES)
Measuring Disease Measuring Health
Defining Health as Absence of Disease Defining Health as Health Signs
Treating and Preventing Disease Restoring Health, Promoting Health
Nutrition Epidemiology Individual Experiments, Collective Wisdom
Complex Nutrition Simplified Health
Expert, Authority-based Dietary Guidelines Figure Out Food: Eat what works for you
Listen to Experts Listen to Your Body
Eat This, Not That Intuitive, Empirical Eating
One Size Fits All Personalized Plans and Outcomes
20th Century: Centralized, Standardized 21st Century: Networked, Customized
Data Mining – Data Warehousing Personal Analytics – Quantified Us

[Note: If this table makes no sense to you, see this blog post, Health Now: Causing Health, not Preventing Disease.]


2 thoughts on “Health Now

  1. I like this! Another suggestion: when listing Archives, use a title as well as month and year then reader can decide if she wants to read that topic. Keep writing – good stuff. From Allison with a M.P.H. and R.D.!

    1. Thanks, Allison! 🙂 I wasn’t sure anyone would get it before I wrote up an explanation. Glad you liked it. It hit me one day as I asked myself, what are the goals of the Dietary Guidelines? Health, right?

      Debunking calories and energy balance will keep me busy writing for awhile, but Health Now is the second major theme I plan to write about down the line, weaving it in when I can.

      I’ll look into the Archive listings and see what I can do.

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